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Junior Senior Rescue Stray Cat Resident Russian Blue Mix
Sky Flood Survivor Rescue Domestic Longhair Maine Coon Mix
Nine Stray Miracle Traveler Norwegian Forest Cat


After being rescued in August of 2016, this guy weighed a whopping 34 pounds.

Junior spent 10 months locked in a garage, with just bags of food and water coming from the drain. He was severely obese and his now gorgeous blue fur was full of mutts and dull. Amazingly, he still had trust in humans.

Getting proper and timely nutrition and regular exercise, he shed 12 pounds and his overall health improved a lot.

He kept his kitten playfulness and still chases a feather on the string and occasional gets into brotherly brawls with Sky. He adopted Nine pretty much right away and acts like a doting Grandpa.

Junior's job is to review the cat food and treats and also educate other cats on proper diet and nutrition.


Sky was rescued in horrific Alberta floods of 2013. Alongside many other animals left behind, he had to fight for survival.

When I got him, he was just 6 pounds and covered in wounds. I was pretty scared for his life, as for the longest time he refused to eat at all. Any noise, even as simple as the door closing, would make him run and hide. He really hates water. He is really jealous of me and follows me around like a dog.

Sky is a thinker and a very smart cat. He loves to try new things. He is a clean freak. If the food gets onto his luxurious mane, he would lick himself non-stop for a long time. He loves watching football.

Sky's job is to review everything from the home decor to kitty litter and also educate other cats on obedience, learning cool tricks and respecting humans.


Nine was thrown out on the busy highway together with his little sister and Dad, Norwegian Forest Cats. Nine survived because his instincts sent him towards our village. He ran and cried really loud at the sweet age of 3 months.

Absolutely exhausted, he reached me in his final breath. Immediately we fell in love with each other. It was a tough decision to make to take him in, as we already had two big boys, Junior and Sky. But with the cold front fast approaching, I decided to take him in and never regretted it not for a single minute

Everything is a toy and happiness in this little man's world! He tries to reach out to everybody, even Sky, who still keeps some distance and limits the time little kitty spends with me. Nine really loves climbing trees and watching cartoons!

Nine's job is to review the cat toys and make people smile by being very cute.

Holly and John

Holly has been around cats all her life. 

She successfully adopted and rehomed a few. She has been studying cats since she was a child and treats them like little humans.

All three are their kids and they try to give the Catooges the best possible care after all these three amazing cats had been through.

Both of them have real and serious jobs, yet they strive to dedicate as much time as possible to the care, research and creation of new material to support their Mission of caring for stray cats. Their job at the Catudio is to make sure the Catooges are happy and loved.

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